• Our Founder and Formulating Trichologist, Peter Francis
    with his Personal Assistant Sharni, together with Stem Cell Laboratory
    General Manager Elena and Product Development Manager Francesca.
  • Advanced Pure Science in Plant Stem Cell Technology...


    hydroponically grown Plant Stem Cells are grown in an absolutely sterile laboratory controled environment...


    offering the ability to harvest advanced anti-aging Stem Cell phyto-chemicals in their purest and most intensive form...


    obtaining the best from nature for the benefit of everyone... your skin and the environment...


    creating the gentlest footprint on the Planet whilst celebrating Nature's genious.


  • Stem Cell Technology is
    free from Soil,
    free from pesticides,
    free from any synthetic influences what so ever...

    This is why we claim that PHYTOSTEM is the purest skin care on the planet.
    Earth Safe, Skin Safe, respecting the biodiversity of Mother Nature with the smallest ecological footprint.
    Using less than 1/1000 of the water and less than 1/1000 of the land area required to obtain the same quantity of active ingredient if it were to be naturally grown, leaving valuable soil areas available for the cultivation of food rather than cosmetics..
    This technology coupled with our sustainably wild harvested and certified organic raw materials helps to make PHYTOSTEM the greenest and cleanest cosmetic technology on the planet.
  • Going Beyond Organic and Biodynamic...


    Plant selection and ongoing research into new plant species allow the stem cell technology an infinite ability to continue to discover new useful natural active ingredients without any negative impact on the environment. 



  • Plant Stem Cells contain numerous active compounds.

    To find the perfect cell line with the highest level of active compounds, the laboratory uses this instrument called "Gas chromatography–mass spectrometer" (GC-MS).
    GC-MS is extensively used for the analysis of the desired plant active ingredients with well determined properties such as anti-oxidant, anti-elastinase, anti-collagenase but also soothing, firming or detoxifying properties.